Author name: Kelly


Everything in its time. Hold your vision even when it looks like it’s too late. These are almonds I collected during a visit to the beach yesterday. At first they appear hard and green then slowly they mature through the phases to be finally ready for consumption. It’s a slow process. I thought maturity occurred […]

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Take It Easy

When was the last time you daydreamed? Or sat back, closed your eyes and really listened to some beautiful music? Or drifted in thought at the artwork on your wall? Turn off the TV and notice the sounds of silence. What do you hear? Traffic outside? Voices? Chirping? A neighbor’s television? We so often exist

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Welcome, welcome!!

Hey hey everybody! Welcome to my Free Island Girl website. This is the place where we can share info in more detail, you can get your questions answered more thoroughly and contact me for consultations and services related to your DR desires. Why a website, why now? Because I needed a way to more efficiently

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