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Free Island Girl is pleased to offer DR GO!, a comprehensive resource guide for those seeking information on relocation to and investment in the Dominican Republic. Dr GO! provides answers to commonly asked questions (and little known facts) about residency, lease/purchase contracts, banking, healthcare, investment incentives, vehicle purchases and more to make your transition and business dealings much easier.

My Story

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. I’m happy to host this place where I can hear from you, share what’s on my mind and offer you special opportunities. Since starting my YouTube channel, I’ve heard from so many people with well-wishes and stories of their own desires (and fears) about moving abroad. I discovered that many viewers want to know more about how I created the life I live.

Specifically, some viewers have asked to work with me privately to gain deeper insight into the mindset and practices I employ in order to apply them to their own lives, improve their happiness quotient and maximize their enjoyment in life. I offer consultations where I share in detail my personal practices and resources – things I love and know get results – to help people make shifts into living more fulfilling lives.

To schedule a consultation, go to https://calendly.com/freeislandgirl. For further information or custom services write to freeislandgirl@gmail.com.

Hearing from viewers like you is one of the things I love most about hosting the channel – it thrills me to know I am adding value out there in the world and helping people! Thank you so much for writing, for watching and for your support. You are appreciated!

Sending you peace, love and sunshine,

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Be sure to check out my (occasional) blogs where I share photos and personal insights to give you more of a glimpse into my Free Island life and what goes on behind the scenes in my world. It is truly an adventure.

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